Import Diatery Supplement Declaration Service

Why is it necessary to declare imported diatery supplements?

Currently, the demand for health supplements is increasing, prompting many businesses to import these products to meet market demands. 

However, the market is currently facing issues with counterfeit and products with unclear origins. To protect consumers in choosing quality imported  products, the law has issued Decree No. 15/2018, which stipulates that imported health supplements must undergo product declaration to circulate in the market.

Documents for the Registration of Imported Health Supplement Declaration

Documents to be provided by the business to the registration service:

  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification or equivalent certificates such as FSSC 22000, BRC, HACCP, ISO 22000, etc.
  • Certificate of Free Sale (CFS) or equivalent documents such as EC/HC.
  • Product Specification (SPEC) – according to the form provided by the registration service.
  • Original label sample of the product.

Documents to be prepared by the registration service:

  • Product declaration document.
  • Product testing results from a testing facility meeting ISO 17025 standards (valid for 12 months from the submission date).
  • Documentation proving the functionality of the product or the declared functionality of its components.
  • Dosage and Recommended Nutrient Intake (RNI) tables.
  • Commitment statement regarding the non-violation of copyright for product name, logo, and images.
  • Proposed supplementary label sample


Authorities Receive Imported Diatery Supplement Declaration Application

– Submit applications online on the Decree 15 website:

(Before logging in, check the business registration with a relevant business code for the product the business intends to declare)

– Submit the application online to the Department of Food Safety and pay the state fee.

– Within 21 working days for the initial successful submission on the website and 7 days from receiving modification or supplementation, the competent authority will review the application and notify the result on the system.

– If the application is approved, the business will receive a certificate of product declaration. If not approved, an official dispatch will be issued specifying the required modifications or changes. The business makes the necessary adjustments and resubmits the documents to the Department (approved profiles => sign the declaration certificate).

Issuance time

3-4 months from when the customer provides all the required documents for the registration process.

To receive consultation on dossier services and procedural process for declaring  diatery supplements, please contact Hotline: 098.546.1894

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