Import cosmetic declaration service

Imported Cosmetic Declaration

Cosmetics intending to circulate in the market must be issued a Cosmetic Announcement Certificate by the competent management authority. The entity is fully responsible for the safety, effectiveness, and quality of the product.

Conditions for Cosmetic Declaration Registration

  • The business registration certificate must have a relevant industry code for the registered product (wholesale, retail of cosmetics).
  • The ingredients in the product formula must be safe for users, and there are not prohibited substances in cosmetics. The concentration of limited substances must not exceed the regulations specified in the ASEAN Agreement appendix.

Documentation for Imported Cosmetic Declaration:

  • Cosmetic Announcement Form
  • Business registration certificate of the entity announcing the cosmetic product
  • Letter of Authorization (LOA) from the manufacturer or owner of the product authorizing the entity or business to be responsible for introducing the product to the market.
  • Certificate of Free Sale (CFS) from the manufacturing or exporting country (legally legalized by the consulate, except for cases exempt from CFS as specified in Point a, Clause 1, Article 1, Circular 29/2020/TT-BYT).
  • Product testing certificate
  • Composition table of the cosmetic product
  • Original label sample and supplementary label.

Sequence for Imported Cosmetic Declaration

Validity of the Cosmetic Declaration Certificate

The Cosmetic Announcement Certificate is valid for 5 years. After 5 years, if the business wishes to continue marketing the product, the announcement process must be repeated

For consultation on profile services and declaration registration procedures of cosmetics, please contact Hotline: 098.546.1894

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