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Currently, the use of functional foods (currently unified regulations called health protection foods) in the Vietnamese market is growing strongly. Therefore, compliance with legal regulations and product announcement processes is extremely important for businesses in this field. To help domestic and foreign businesses succeed in bringing their products to market, companies specializing in preparing functional food declaration documents in Vietnam were born. These companies play an important role in supporting, consulting and resolving related legal procedures. In this article, let’s learn with Medgate about the role of companies preparing functional food declaration documents in Vietnam and the importance of this service for businesses in the functional food industry.

The Role of the Company Making Documents to Announce Functional Foods

Companies that prepare functional food declaration documents play an important role in supporting businesses in the functional food industry to complete the necessary legal procedures before bringing products to market. Specifically, the roles of these companies may include:

Consulting on the Functional Food Announcement Process:

Companies that prepare functional food declaration documents provide in-depth advice on the regulations, processes and requirements necessary to declare products according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam. This helps businesses gain a clear understanding and best prepare for the process of announcing their company’s functional foods and products. The consulting process can be directly involved or indirectly advised on how to prepare documents depending on the needs of the business.

Preparation of Documents for Declaration of Functional Foods

Companies specializing in making declaration documents will help businesses take the necessary steps to prepare a declaration document for their company’s functional food products. This includes creating checklists, collecting and preparing documents, translating necessary documents, and ensuring all required information is included in the application.

Representative for handling administrative procedures at the management agency

Filing companies can represent businesses in submitting dossiers for declaring functional foods and handling administrative procedures related to product declaration. This helps save time and resources for businesses, and is convenient in the process of tracking records.

Support During Inspection and Processing of Functional Food Documents

During the process of examining and processing documents, companies making declaration documents will support businesses providing functional foods in resolving arising issues and providing detailed information when necessary. .

The Importance of the Functional Food Declaration Documentation Service

The functional food declaration dossier service helps optimize the registration process for businesses in the functional food industry, specifically:

Ensuring Compliance with Current Laws in Vietnam

Using a publication filing service helps ensure that businesses fully comply with regulations and legal requirements when bringing products to market. This is very important especially for new businesses, domestic businesses that want to ensure standard documents or foreign businesses that want to bring products into the Vietnamese market.

Save Time and Costs

Certainly when businesses use the services of companies with registration expertise, they can save time and costs. By using the services of companies to prepare declaration documents instead of performing complex legal procedures yourself, the progress of outputting functional food declaration numbers will be faster while saving maintenance costs. Human.

Reduce Legal Risk

Having complete and accurate disclosure records helps minimize legal risks for businesses during their functional food business. In the current context, where the government is increasingly tightening compliance with legal regulations, using the services of companies with experience in preparing accurate documents brings great benefits.

Focus on Other Business Activities

By using the service of making disclosure documents, businesses can focus more on their main business activities without having to worry about legal procedures or updating regulations.

Medgate – A leading company specializing in providing functional food publication services

At Medgate , your business will be provided with professional services when completing procedures for declaring functional foods.

  • A team of professional experts with rich experience in registering functional foods can then help customers advise on the uses and objects of the product according to regulations, and advise on ingredients according to market trends.
  • Save time, return registration numbers quickly: Experienced experts in preparing and processing documents minimize errors in the process of registering and declaring functional food products and avoid having to edit documents multiple times, From there, the progress of getting numbers out is faster.
  • Competitive costs in the market, optimal benefits for businesses.
  • Medgate provides a variety of services from digital registration to designing and making business websites for products and businesses.
  • Support free profile consultation for customers to clearly understand the service.
  • Fast issue time: about 2-4 months from when the customer provides all the documents for the registration process

Customers who need to contact Hotline: 098.546.1894 or Email: for free consultation on functional food dossier services, procedures, quotes for registration of publication and advertising functional foods.

Based on the above points, the service of preparing documents for declaring functional foods plays an important and necessary role for businesses to ensure that documents comply with current regulations and conveniently speed up the process. issue a publication number. For more details and consultation on functional food publication services (health protection foods), please contact Medgate via Hotline: 098.546.1894 or Email:

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