Strict regulation of health supplement advertisements

Taking strict measures against social media platforms, permanently deleting domains upon the discovery of violations in advertising health supplement is an imperative action

The Ministry of Health is proposing a series of robust measures to control and address violations related to health supplement advertising on social media platforms.

According to information from the Ministry of Health, the entire process of registering health supplement advertising content on the online website has been implemented by the Food Safety Department (Ministry of Health) to facilitate organizations and individuals in administrative procedures.

Despite many organizations and businesses adhering well to the legal regulations on health supplement advertising, there still exist numerous cases of violations, focusing on behaviors such as dishonest product advertising or advertising before content assessment, and non-compliance with assessed content.

The Ministry of Health proposes that the Ministry of Information and Communications take strong measures against organizations and individuals disseminating inaccurate advertising, not subject to prior content review by authorized agencies, and simultaneously demand serious compliance with Vietnam’s advertising regulations. Specifically, strict measures will be taken against social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and advertising platforms on Google Ads like YouTube, CocCoc, Chrome, etc.

Simultaneously, to enhance management, the Ministry of Health suggests a thorough review of the conditions for granting website and domain licenses, promptly closing domains or permanently shutting them down upon the discovery of advertising violations. For cross-border advertising, increased management is necessary to prevent violations.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade will intensify inspections and checks on health supplement advertising activities on e-commerce platforms, especially multi-level marketing companies dealing in health supplement products. Monitoring measures will also be applied to member development meetings.

Within this scope, artists participating in health supplement advertising, especially those promoting miraculous healing effects, will face strict consequences.

The Ministry of Health also suggests that the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism undertake public awareness campaigns regarding advertising regulations, and strictly handle organizations, individuals, especially artists, if they participate in health supplement advertising with unverified claims, exaggerated benefits, or non-compliance with content reviewed and licensed by authorized agencies.

The Ministry of Public Security will inspect and strictly address violations of advertising regulations to set an example for domain owners advertising on social media. The Ministry of Health will lead coordination with other agencies such as the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Information and Communications, and People’s Committees of provinces and cities to investigate and handle organizations and individuals engaging in deceptive advertising that adversely affects consumer health.

Finally, the Ministry of Planning and Investment will enforce regulations and closely manage the issuance of business registration certificates to ensure that only reliable businesses operate in this field.

It is emphasized that health supplements should only be purchased from clear and transparent sources.

Inspection, examination, and handling of violations in the field of health supplement advertising on the local level need to be strengthened. Simultaneously, public awareness and knowledge enhancement campaigns should discourage individuals from viewing clips and videos containing misleading information about the functions and benefits of health supplements, portraying them as medicinal products.

The supervisory bodies of service providers issuing advertisements are also advised to regularly inspect and strongly address any violations of laws related to health supplement advertising.

Media agencies are urged to promote communication efforts to guide the public to only purchase health supplements when necessary, while also advising against trusting oral information about the benefits of such products. Purchases should be accompanied by clear origins, invoices, and documents as a basis for necessary requirements, facilitating regulatory authorities in case of inquiries

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